Dried Cable at 6000 FPM with Air Wipe & Fan Program

04 Dec 2018 11:07

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Sonic Air Systems, Inc. introduces of the UHS (ultra high speed) Wire Dryer™ which accommodates today's latest insulator and hat extrusion rates all the way to 6,000 FPM (30.5 m/sec). The self-contained drying module utilizes the Sonic high efficiency air wipe design powered by certainly one of Sonic's high velocity air blowers, ranging from 3 to 50Hp (2.2 to 37 kW). The device comes detailed with an efficiency guarantee which emphasizes that most external moisture will undoubtedly be expelled from the wire, selling improved quality, accurate making, and improved worker safety.With the UHS Wire Dryer™, Sonic has tripled the effective drying speed of their previous generation of Sonic wire & cable drying system designs, while at once eliminating the high operating costs of compressed air wipes for these demanding drying applications. Power usage of a Sonic UHS Wire Dryer™ is almost always 75% significantly less than that of the compressed air wipes. Sonic blowers have grease sealed bearings, thus the UHS Wire Dryer™ requires none of the extensive in-line air filtration used to guard the cable from oils, dirt and condensed water vapors typically found in most compressed air piping systems. One additional cable surface drying advantageous asset of the Sonic blower and air wipe system results from the natural heat of compression which Sonic blowers generate at their 3 psig (0.2 bar) operating pressure. The blowers have an average 65°F (18C) air temperature rise above ambient conditions which assists the 35,000 FPM (178 m/sec) air wipe velocities in the water stripping process.The Sonic UHS Wire Dryer™ module comes detailed with a 42" long x 14" square (1066mm long x 356mm square) acoustic/moisture containment enclosure which houses the air wipes while keeping airborne sound levels below 80 dbA. A fluid drain permits re-use of most blown off cooling water and a fast release enclosure lid provides easy access for cable threading. The multiple internal ceramic eye guides ensure years of wear free operation of the drying module. With a .75" (19mm) diameter wire pathway through the air wipes, just one UHS Wire Dryer™ can handle all wire and cable sizes from .020" (0.5mm) up to .375" (9mm) diameter without any adjustments. These UHS Wire Dryers can also be made portable with optional locking swivel casters so this 1 dryer can be utilized for multiple extruders. Although the most frequent arrangement is one Sonic blower for each UHS Wire Dryer module, another available option makes for a bigger centrally located Sonic blower system which supplies air to two or more UHS Wire Dryer modules at one time. All Sonic blowers can be found with the Sonic AE box for super-quiet blower operation.Sonic Air Systems has been serving the line and wire industry, alongside many other industries, with innovative blower and parts drying designs since 1990. Situated in Southern California, Sonic has sales agents and authorized distributors across the United States and over 30 countries worldwide, which provide Engineered Blowers and Air Knife Solutions. They manufacture an entire array of blowers, air knives, enclosures, HEPA filters and other accessories. Their wide array of applications include air/gas handling, drying/liquid blow-off, cooling, coating control and static control. Along side previously released wire and cable products, the UHS Wire Dryer™ models out the Air Wash range capabilities of Sonic Air Systems.

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